Project Quality Ratings

Q-Scan is a useful tool for homebuyers to assess projects at different stages of construction and provides a platform to the developers to differentiate their projects

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World over, buying a home is the largest purchase decision a family makes. It is important that a competent, independent agency ensures the quality of a project across a massive list of relevant parameters and rates the project as per
standards of performance


All over the world home buying is a serious matter as it is the probably the most important big ticket item a family buys in a lifetime.
Ignorant as the final consumers mostly are, it is very important for some competent and responsible agency to check and ensure
that the home they are buying in a housing complex has necessary statutory clearances, is designed to withstand
earthquakes, has appropriate amenities, has favourable location related attributes, is well constructed with good quality
materials and will be delivered on time. A recent market research by a nationally reputed agency indicates that home buyers
are ready to pay a premium for a project rated on the above parameters.
CQRA has introduced Q Scan service in technical collaboration with NICMAR a nationally reputed research and educational
institute. Under this rating, projects are inspected at 4 stages through planned and systematic audits during a project at 25,
50, 75 and 100% completion levels and evaluated in the following buckets:

  • Approvals and design
  • Materials used for construction
  • Amenities
  • Timely completion
  • Location

Based on above parameters, projects are initially categorised as Affordable, Standard or Premium depending on the level at
which the different parameters are applicable for the project. Thereafter, projects are audited periodically and are
awarded 3, 4 or 5 star ratings within the category in a dynamic manner depending on the level of
compliance of the different parameters during each audit.

Projects Rated By Us

qscan standard

Project: 33 Keshav kunj

Location: Keshav Nagar Pune

Rating for C & D building for 75 % Completion Stage

Builder: Crystal Properties

Category: Standard

Stars: 4 Stars

qscan standard

Project: Ariana

Location: Bhubaneshwar Orissa

Rating for completed project

Builder: Tata Housing & Kriday Realty Pvt ltd.

Category: Standard

Stars: 5 Stars

qscan premium

Project: The Myst

Location: Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Rating for phase 1.

Builder: Tata Housing & Princeton infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Category: Premium

Stars: 5 Stars