Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the information below and get answers to the most commonly asked questions. In case you are unable to find the right answer, feel free to drop a line to us and we will be happy to help.


A project rating represents the rating agency’s opinion in terms of documentation, quality, finish, amenities, locational attributes & timely construction of the project. Each project is audited on individual basis at different stages of construction and the rating may differ at each stage on the basis of performance. Rated project is awarded with stars having following gradation.

  • (3 Stars) - Fair
  • (4 Stars) - Good Project
  • (5 Stars) - Very Good Project

There are various parameters for project rating. We thoroughly go for:

  • Documentation (All documents related to project)
  • Such as – Project Approvals, Design, Plan Sanction, Environment Clearance, Geo Technical Investigation, Environment Friendly & Earthquake Resistant design etc
  • Quality of Material used for construction.
  • Site supervision & Quality control.
  • Quality of finished flats and specification.
  • Amenities as mentioned in the brochure.
  • Locational attributes of the project.
  • Quality of the construction.
  • Timely completion, whether the project is on track as per committed possession schedule and many more….
Please click here to understand the Quality Seal in detail
Yes, We are a Pan India Company having presence in Metros like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc and we can cater to any place including remote locations depending on the project size.
CQRA was incorporated in 2004 and now expanding rapidly with project rating and construction quality management services. Our large client base across the country provides valuable cross referrals to each other.We also keep doing events and publications on regional and national level and we are widely present in online and social media.
We are the pioneers in India and currently there is no such company in the market which rates projects on the basis of quality of construction.
We charge our clients (Real Estate Developers) depending on the size of the project.
CQRA has launched this project rating service in collaboration with NICMAR. The auditors appointed for rating projects are independently evaluated and authorized by NICMAR. The auditors are equipped with mobile app to capture information from the site including photographs and this information is hosted on cloud. Special software “Benchmark” converts the data captured into a 10 points score on the basis of conformity to the quality requirements. The entire process is monitored by technical committee set up by NICMAR including conducting surveillance audits of rated projects.
Ratings are given on the basis of various quality requirements established by CQRA & NICMAR for each project category and done in four stages of construction (25%, 50%,75%,and 100%). Audits are done piecemeal as per specific requirement of the client and only point out deficiencies in the construction process.

The authenticity of project rating is always higher if it is audited by an independent & reputed third party.
It would surely help if the project is listed along with a quality seal which represents the standard of the project. This can be a vital factor for buyer/investor for short listing the project.
Project rating is an advantage for Real Estate Developers since it may help him to fetch a premium for his project and help him to differentiate his project from the clutter.

Its an age of competition and here everyone says “I’m the best” and it becomes very tough to choose a project from a pool. Project rating certification gives clear picture that project has been inspected on different parameters including documentation. It assures higher safety, lower maintenance cost, and high resale value in comparison with other projects. Project Rating works as an assurance for the buyer.

The project rating can get up-graded or down-graded at any stage (25%,50%,75%,100%) based on the performance on the quality requirement set for the project category for that particular audit.
We audit and rate the project at four stages of the construction and completion (25%/50%/75%/100%).
The ratings awarded also represent above stage of construction. Hence each rating will represents cumulative performance at the respective stages.
We share feedback on time to time basis to the real estate developers based on last conducted audit.