Market Speaks Volumes

We conducted detailed research amongst home buyers and developers in India across several large cities. Our findings gave us valuable insights on the need for Quality Rating Services and helped us design a better and complete product for you

Target Audience

111 Buyers/ Intenders
of Property
78% were men &
22% were women
36% were between age 30-35,
64% were between age 36-50
59% of buyers bought a flat in the
range of 50-70 lacs and
41% in the 71 lacs- 1.5 Cr range

Marketing Survey

The 5 main criteria for rating project quality are listed in the table below. Under each criterion, there is the list of compliances
that a project should comply with. Certain compliances will be mandatory for all Projects irrespective of their classification as
Affordable, Standard and Premium. Some compliances will be desirable under each criterion and will act as differentiators to
give additional benefit to a project during evaluation stage to perform better.

We spoke to our end users and found out which parameters they consider while investing in a property.
We took upon ourselves to study the below parameters.

quality rating chart

End user preference

90% of all stake holders believed that it is important to Rate a Property 10% believed that
it's not
73% buyers were willing to pay a premium
for a rated property
23% were unwilling 4% buyers were
not sure