Understanding the Q-Scan Quality Seal

The Q-Scan Project Quality Rating Seal has been designed with a holistic approach in mind so that one glance at it
will give a person a complete snapshot of a project's category, stage of completion and level of compliance.

The Quality Seal

qscan quality rating
  • The Color: Represents the category to which a project belongs - Affordable Standard Premium
  • The Elevation: Indicates the state of completion of a project - 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%
  • The Stars: Represent the performance of a project at each stage of the audit
  • Date: Date on which the seal was given to a project
  • R.No.: Rating Number, is a unique number assigned to each project

The Quality Seal - Elevation

Up to than 25%

75% Complete

50% Complete

100% Complete

The Quality Seal - Star

3 stars - Fair

4 stars - Good

5 stars - Very Good